Saturday, 5 March 2016

Keeping Healthy With #BowzerBox Monthly Subscription Box

Bowzer Box

Better late than never right?
And yep, you're all probably wondering what I mean by that...
See, the Bowzer Box we are featuring today on the blog, is themed for Dental health month... because February was dental health month. The thing is, it is now March, and I am JUST getting around to posting this. So my apologies, but like I said, better late than never!

Bowzer Box - monthly subscription box for dogs

For those of you who aren't sure what Bowzer Box even is - it is a Canadian monthly subscription box for dogs. Each month you get this box full of goodies delivered right to your door! Toys, healthy treats, and different unique items. And to top it all off, the Bowzer Box has a different, fun theme each month just to keep things interesting.

So, what did the huskies get for their February Bowzer Box?
Lets find out:

Your dogs dental health is important, and while it is always best to have a veterinarian inspect your dogs mouth, and do regular cleanings when/if needed - there are products out there to help keep your dogs mouth fresh, clean, and healthy.

dog dental health

Whimzees are one of my favorite products out there when it comes to helping with oral health for my huskies. Whimzees are made with all natural ingredients, and the vegetable based texture helps remove plaque and tartar as they gnaw on their treat.

dog treats from bowzer box

Lexus also really seemed to enjoy the foufouBRAND vegalicious treats. These treats look just like pasta noodles and are a healthy "popped" snack. They are also low in fat, and made with human grade ingredients.

Keeping Healthy With #BowzerBox Monthly Subscription Box

I really love the Chomper Mongoose treat stuffer toy. This toy reminds me a lot of a kong, and you can stuff it full of your dogs favorite treats! We used the petkelp jerky to stuff it with, and the huskies loved it! This particular product makes a great time passing, energy burning toy while the dog has to work to get the treats from the center.

Keeping Healthy With #BowzerBox Monthly Subscription Box

Aside from the Whimzee dental chew, this months fan FAV out of our beloved Bowzer Box is the Petkelp. Not only are these treats loaded full of minerals, vitamins, omegas and phytonutrients, but the kelp used to make these is from right here in Canada. Nova Scotia to be exact. As healthy as these treats are... it would matter naught if the dogs didn't like them right? The good news is, they were a huge hit!! I will definitely be purchasing these in the future.

Final thoughts?

Bowzer Box once again impressed us with fantastic items, and a box packed full to the brim! They have yet to disappoint, and that makes for 3 very happy huskies! If you are interested in learning more about Bowzer Box, and how to treat your dog to a subscription, just click the image below to take you directly to their website.

Thanks for spending part of you Saturday with us, and hope to see you back on Tuesday. Happy weekend! Has your pet ever tried kelp treats?


  1. The girls love Whimzees! Looks like a terrific subscription box! Hope all is well with you Jenna!

  2. Awesome items. Love those noodle looking treats, and Whimzees are always a good thing.

  3. It was a busy month so we understand the delay! Wowsers, your team is really going to have some pearly whites. ♥

  4. This month's box is pawsome. We like that there's some healthy things in it too.

  5. We've never tried any kelp treats, but we definitely need to! Great box, so many goodies in there!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. Those look like awesome items! I hope you enjoyed them!

  7. What a NEAT box for this month. Darn, I wish I could have gotten this one. Subscription boxes all the way!

  8. How fun to get mail for the pups!!


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