Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Siberian Message For International Pooper Scooper Week

International Pooper Scooper Week

From April 1'st till the 7'th - it is International Pooper Scooper Week.

Mom and the Sibe Tribe here with a message to all the humans out there who are owned by dogs:

Have you ever been walking along, down a sidewalk, or in the park, and realize you have stepped in a big, mushy pile of someone's dog poop? I tell ya, it is not a pleasant experience.

Not only is it disgusting to not scoop that poop... it is actually harmful to the environment. Dog poop can carry harmful bacteria, and can make other animals sick. So seriously people, pick up after your dogs. It's not hard... just bring poop bags with you, pick it up, throw it out, simple.

Have you ever stepped in someone else's dog poop?


  1. Mom is always scooping on our walks, and the cat box every morning. She is good at scooping. In our area most folks do a good job of scooping but now and then we will see a pile that was forgotten.

  2. Thanks for sharing this important message!

  3. We can't remind people often enough.

  4. This is one of my pet peeves. Why can't people just pick up their dog's poop? Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Yes, I have stepped in dog poop! And I didn't like it one bit. My neighbor's dog would come in to our yard and poop. I never said anything to the neighbors because they're 90 yrs. old and really nice people...except for letting their dog poop in my yard. ~Island Cat Mom

  6. I have stepped in my own dogs poop! This time of year is terrible. In the winter they were going where I couldn't reach, but now the snow is melting and soon I will need to do a huge clean up. Stay safe in the storm tomorrow.

  7. I have totally stepped in dog poop!!

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