Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Family - Kids, Dogs, And The Sunny Outdoors

Family - Kids, Dogs, And The Sunny Outdoors
Canada has finally blessed us with
some gorgeous, sunny, warm, spring
weather. Of course, my family and I
took advantage of that as fast as we
could! We took off down to our favorite
trail - the pathway down by the river.
The smells, the sites... so glad spring has
arrived! I love seeing flowers bloom, birds singing,
and getting out with the fam!
Today, I would love to share a few pics
of my little one, and my husky Mika
while we were out on our daily walkies!

Family - Kids, Dogs, And The Sunny Outdoors

Mika, and my daughter love to walk beside each other when we go out. It's so adorable. because these two get along great, and I love walking behind them, just watching them interact together. Always proud moments.

Family - Kids, Dogs, And The Sunny Outdoors

My little girl loves this one tree in the park. We stop there every time we go, and she likes to climb it. Mika is always so patient as she waits for the mini-human to come down. Then of course.... I couldn't let such a good photo op go by without taking advantage of it!

Family - Kids, Dogs, And The Sunny Outdoors

Then it was time to take a rest down by the water. This is such a beautiful area in Smiths Falls, Ontario, and I love hearing the water rushing down the river. To me, it is almost serene. As I snapped this photo, both my little one and Mika saw a squirrel running up a tree, so of course they were quite focused on watching the little critter running around.

Family - Kids, Dogs, And The Sunny Outdoors

And finally, I was able to get this last shot. These two love hanging out together, and their photos always turn out wonderfully. Moments like these are things that will be treasured in our memories forever.

How about you?
What sort of fun, heart warming memories do you like to look back at and remember?


  1. She looks like a movie star with her furry bodyguard. Cute.

  2. Beautiful day, kids and dogs, wonderful!

  3. Your daughter is such a doll! I can't wait for my new granddaughter to interact with her Paisley Lab. ♥ Does your daughter help in the store?

  4. So excited for SPRING!! And trail walking is the best. So peaceful and the dogs love it!!

  5. such a sweetie, your daughter is a mini YOU! xoxo DakotasDen

  6. These are beautiful shots! I'm glad Spring has finally made an appearance for you, it's 98 degrees here in Phoenix today. Ugh!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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