Thursday, 7 April 2016

National Heartworm Awareness Month

April is National Heartworm awareness month.

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Ticks, fleas, mites, worms, heartworm.
It doesn't matter the parasite, all of them are nasty, all of them have ill effects on our pets body, and it's important that we take responsibility for keeping our 4 legged friends healthy, and parasite free. Heartworm is an awful parasite, which can have minimal symptoms at first. Minimal symptoms until it's too late that is... this is why it is so important to have regular vet checks for heartworm as well as the preventative medications needed. Waiting until your pet shows symptoms of heartworm could even prove fatal.

Did you know?

49% of pet owners don't give heartworm medications, or miss the proper doses needed.
51% of pet owners Stay current with their pets heartworm medications, and doses.

This month, lets all do our part and raise awareness so we can change the percentages of those stats!

How about you?
Do you give regular heartworm preventative medications to your pets?

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