Friday, 29 April 2016

National Kids and Pets Day #TrainingDogsAnndKids

Today we celebrate National Kids and Pets Day.

Kids and pets. Are there any 2 better things in the entire world?
My kids, my pets, my family - they are my world.

So today for our Pet Parade, and Flashback Friday blog hops, I thought I would share some photos from January, 2015 that I snapped while including my kids in daily training sessions with my huskies. To me, it is extremely important to include children in your dog training (at least certain parts of training) because that way, you can teach your kids to respect your dogs, as well as teaching your dogs to respect your kids.

National Kids and Pets Day #TrainingDogsAnndKids

My oldest daughter did great while working with Koda.

National Kids and Pets Day #TrainingDogsAnndKids

Koda is very treat orientated, so he is more than willing to listen to what my daughter has to say.

National Kids and Pets Day #TrainingDogsAnndKids

Lexus is not very treat orientated, but she loves kids. That is why my youngest daughter and her are able to work so well together.

National Kids and Pets Day #TrainingDogsAnndKids

Their best trick, and the one my daughter was most proud of teaching Lexus, was to shake a paw. Lexus is so good with her, and the benefits these 2 have together now, I know have loads to do with their bonding training sessions.

BTW - please forgive me for the poor quality photos. These were taken with my old cell phone, which had an incredibly crappy camera, as you can see!

How about you?
Do you have kids, and if so, do you involve them in your training?

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  1. When my kids were small, they were always included! That's awesome that your kids now have special bonds with your huskies!

  2. That is awesome! Great training and photos.

  3. Some of my favorite videos from my kids being small is my daughter working with our German Shepherds. They are priceless. Teach a child to love and respect a dog and they always will. ♥

  4. So nice to have that bond that training gives.

  5. We think it's so important to teach kids how to best handle pets. Your photos really show that. Good job!

  6. Love kids and dogs pics! These are so special! Happy Friday!

  7. I never heard of Nat'l Kids and Pets Day, but I love that - it's so perfect! Kids and pets really do go together, and it is very important to teach them both how to respect each other. You're so smart to include your kids in training the Sibes!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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