Friday, 3 June 2016

How To Help Your Husky Beat The Heat!

It is a well known fact that huskies tend to prefer cooler climates, but that doesn't mean they are unhappy in hotter climates. There are things husky owners can do to help their husky beat the heat and stay cool in hot weather. And hey, I live in Canada, and even though our winters are cold, our summers get hot! So these tips are great for any dog owner AND husky owner, all around the world in those hot summer months.

sunny husky

Here are our top 7 tips to help your husky keep cool -

  • Cool treats aren't just good for us humans in the heat - Give your husky plenty of frozen treats, ice cubes, or some nice cool yogurt.
  • Always have plenty of cold fresh water for your husky - but take it a step farther and add some ice cubes to their water bowl during those super hot days.
  • Keep your dog indoors as much as you can during those peak heat hours of the day - and air conditioning comes in handy too!
  • When your husky is outside, spending time in the heat, make sure he has some shade to relax in.Shade is extremely important, and can help keep your dog nice and cool.
  • Keep your walks to early in the morning, or in the evening when the sun is going down. 
  • Keep your husky well groomed. Removing that extra fur (undercoat) that will be shedding like mad this season anyways, will help your husky stay cooler. PLEASE NOTE - do NOT shave your husky. It may be temping to think that shaving off all that fur will help keep them cool, but in fact you will be making things worse. A Huskies fur not only keeps them warm in the summer, but also acts as a cooling system in the summer. 
  • Consider investing in a cooling mat for your dog.
  • Kiddie pools can be your dogs new fav place to play in those hot months! 

  • Follow these tips, and help your husky stay happy in the heat!
    As I mentioned above, these tips are good for any dog, not just huskies. Keeping your pet cool in the summer is an important part of being a fur-parent.

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    1. Great advice. We have such a hard time because the heat seems to bother Ciara a lot more and she has been having so many seizures that we can't walk much at all. Mom wishes she would lounge in the baby pool we have.

      Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    2. Nice tips :) Huskies are very popular here, and it is HOT!

    3. Great tips for the warm weather hitting us now.

    4. All great tips, Jenna! We are expecting a really hot summer but we just go outside in the mornings and evenings. It is too hot for humans down here. BOL! BOL!

    5. Perfect tips! We don't understand people who shave their dogs like huskies, goldens, etc. The furs protect. Some people have no clue.

    6. Your note about not shaving a husky is so important! Love these ideas for keeping your dog cool in the summer!

    7. Siberian Huskies thrive in cold weather, and this is their element. I do believe that they were one of the inspirations why a cooling pad for dogs was made. It helps regulate temperature and reduces the risk of heat stroke and heat stress. You may want to check this article out if you have a Husky or is considering of getting your own dog cooling pad: http://dogsaholic.com/care/cooling-pad-for-dogs.html


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