Thursday, 30 June 2016

Keeping Your Dog Comfortable During Fireworks

Last year about this time, I shared a post on keeping your dogs comfortable during fireworks.
With Canada Day coming tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh our minds on the subject.

It is important that we do not forget our dogs, and their potential fireworks fear and/or phobias. On July 1'st when we are all busy celebrating our countries birthday, our dogs could be feeling fearful, or anxious, or both. I know a lot of us love taking our dogs with us during the celebrations, including myself. Just do your best to remember to keep your dogs best interest at heart. Today, I will be sharing "How To Keep Your Dogs Comfortable During Fireworks" as well as daytime celebrations.

Daytime Celebrations-
  • Remember, it will be hot - bring lots of fresh water for your dog
  • Invest in a good water travel dish
  • Make sure you take plenty of breaks during the day. Rest up in a nice shady area
  • Think of your dog, know your dog! Is your dog comfortable in social settings? Are they anxious around numerous people or events? If so, it may be best to leave your pup at home.

Nighttime Celebrations/Fireworks-

  • Mosquitoes can get bad at night, think about leaving your pup at home
  • Fireworks can be very scary for dogs, so again, think of your dogs best interest, and leave them home for these celebrations.
  • While your out at the fireworks, leave the Television or radio on. This will help drowned out the sound of the fireworks
  • Always make sure your dog has a safe spot, where they would go, should they become scared.
  • If you stay home with your dog: Do not force him to stay by your side. If he is more comfortable hiding in a corner, let him hide in a corner! Just make sure he knows your there, and he is safe
  • Do not act any different. If you get anxious because you know your dog will become anxious, than he will just get even more anxious! (That was a mouthful!)
  • Do not baby your dog during fireworks. Do your best to act as if everything is ok, and nothing is out of the ordinary

By following these tips, you can do your part to make the celebrations much more comfortable for your dog. There are also some anxiety wraps you could look into, which can help some dogs relax during fireworks - such as Thundershirt. I love bringing (at least one) of the dogs with me during the daytime celebrations. Last year I brought Koda. He had a blast! This year i'm not sure which husky i'll be bringing, but you can believe that I will have loads of pics for you!

The Sibe Tribe would love to know:
Are Your Pets Scared Of Fireworks?
What do you do to keep them comfortable?
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  1. I'm lucky in that my two girls are fine with fireworks. Of course, Gracie's first impulse is always that we're being attacked by artillery and she wants to attack back - but once we get over that initial round of charging to look out all the windows growling, we're okay.

  2. I'm not afraid of thunder or fireworks, but Vaks is sooo afraid of thunder (not fireworks).

  3. Icy is terrified of fireworks & thunder! We will be on alert this weekend for 4th of July fireworks. Happy Canada Day! Thanks for these reminders.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. We write about this every year...just can't emphasize it enough. Thanks for posting! Here's to a happy and safe holiday weekend to all!

  5. Great tips, thanks for sharing. Hope everyone has a safe holiday.?


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