Saturday, 23 July 2016

Dogs And Boats

dogs in boats
Today we are co hosting 2 blog hops. The Pet Parade, and Flashback Friday. We have been having gorgeous summer weather the last couple weeks, and we have been able to get out on the water in the boat. So I thought it fitting to share some fun photos of Koda from last summer. He loves to come out fishing with us, and he gets spoiled too... considering he is the only one out of all my huskies that actually likes boat rides, so he gets to come on the trips with us.

Koda's Fishing Trip:

Koda likes to start the boat trips out by inspecting the water. And sneaking a drink too!

Then he patiently waits on the dock while we all get the boat ready to go.

dogs in boats

When he notices that we are ready to go, he is the first one in line to jump into the boat!

Ahhh finally! Time to cruise the water! He is such a happy boy when the boat gets going, he likes to sit right in the back and watch the scenery go by.

How about you?
Do your pets like the water?

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  1. Great that he's so well trained. Got to be careful on boats! Could do with a lifejacket like that for our boy George - he falls in the canal every so often and it's difficult to get him out ;-)

  2. It has been so hot. Glad you have had some boat time!

  3. The boys have never been in a boat but it looks like a lot of fun. ☺

  4. Boating dogs! I used to have a dog that would jump into the water, so we had to keep a careful hold on him. My dog now hates water, so he would probably hide! Happy Pet Parading ~RascalandRocco

  5. I love the water. I've never been on a boat, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it!

  6. Aww, Koda is such a cutie. Coby loves swimming but we never had a chance to go fishing with him. I'm sure he'll definitely love it! Last year, we went fishing with my sisters but during that time, Coby is not yet a member of our family. We enjoyed fresh fish we caught, and if only Coby has been with us then we will share it with him. I fell in love with huskies a long time ago that's why I only want the best for him now that I have one myself. Found some good source of info about their health at exoticonlinepetstore.

    P.S. Love the pics <3

  7. Looks like a fun summer! Love the pics! Our Harley loved to go on our boat. Four out of our five love/loved the water. Gibson would jump in the pool before it was even filled! Harley is a pool lover for sure! Wolf enjoys the pool and had a blast his first time to the river side wading in the waves lapping the shore. All three love/loved the misting hose, too. Our Bandit will play in the pool, but Chloe...she wants absolutely nothing to do with water! She sees the pool or the hose and she runs off and hides!

  8. Such great photos! I'm dying to get at least one of my dogs on a boat! I'm not surprised that the other Sibes don't like the boat. I don't think my Husky would like it either, she doesn't like when she isn't on very solid ground. I'd love to try it though. I think I'd take Phoebe out first.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  9. There's nothing I love more than going out on the water during the hot summer days. Your photos are making me itch to go! Have a great weekend :)

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