Saturday, 2 July 2016

Canada Day

The Sibe Tribe wanted to wish you all a Happy Canada Day yesterday, to all of our fellow Canadians out there - however, we were a little side tracked at the festivities. So we thought, better late than never? Sooo..... Happy Canada Day!!!

And since we are co hosting 2 blog hops from Friday, (one again a day late due to festivities) I thought we could share a couple flashback photos from a previous Canada Day. 

This one is Koda and his daddy. Just chillaxin' in the sun on Canada Day.

And this is just my boy Koda. Sporting his Canadian pride!

Hope you all had a great Canada Day - and to my American pals, hope you all have a fantastic 4'th of July!

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  1. Hope you had a great Canada Day!!

  2. Happy Belated Canada Day! Great photos.

  3. Hope you all had a Happy Canada Day!

  4. Happy Canada Day, eh?!?! LOL!!

  5. Hmm, I think my comment went in the wrong place, looks like this post appears twice on the blog. At least it appears twice to me. Oh well, Happy Canada Day again friend!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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