Monday, 24 October 2016

Husky Protection Unit

Husky protection... is that even a thing?

If you have followed my blog for a while, you might remember a post I created last year - "Huskies Are Not Guard Dogs." If there is one thing a husky is not... it is a guard dog. They are just way to curious and friendly towards people to want to keep them out of your house. They would much rather let the bad guys in and show them where all the goods are! 


When it comes to the mini humans in the house. That is a different story.

I have no doubt that my huskies would go out of their way to protect my kids if need be.
Heck, they even protect my little one while she sleeps. I captured these photos the other (which you may have seen on fb) but this isn't a one time deal. Whenever my little one falls asleep, they are right at her side. Curled up on either side of her, watching over her as she sleeps. 

Now that is one protected child. Lets hear it for the husky protection unit! 

And then there are those times when the kids just decide to crawl into the dogs bed...
Who is protecting who?

The photo above was taken a couple years ago. And as you can see, where the child goes, the dog goes! I thought this would be a perfect addition to our Flashback Friday!

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Winter Is Coming - Autumn Is Here

I love Autumn. I can't go as far as saying it is my favorite season, but I love it just the same.
I love watching the colorful trees changing colors, the leaves all over the ground, and the little break from that summer heat. Most of all, I love walking the dogs in the Autumn season. It's not too hot for them, and not too cold for me, simply perfect walking weather for me and my huskies.

Today for our Flashback Friday/ Pet Parade blog hops, I wanted to share a couple more Autumn themed graphics I created last year. Hope you enjoy!

I love the bottom quote most of all. So so very true!

What is your favorite season, and why?

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

National Pitbull Awareness Month

Image Source
October is National Pitbull Awareness Month. None of us are strangers in the fight to stop breed bans. Whether you are for or against.... that is another story. I love Pits, they are gorgeous sweet natured dogs who unfortunately fall into the wrong hands far too much. Why do these dogs keep falling into the wrong hands? Because they are a very strong dog, full of muscle and loyalty. Combine muscle and loyalty with people who want those attributes for all the wrong reasons, and you have a very very bad combination - which in turn (imo) has been a big contributor towards these breed bans.

Recently there was a petition spreading worldwide to stop the city of Montreal, Canada from a Pitbull ban bylaw. While the bylaw lacked quite a lot of specifics, from what I read the bylaw was to be as follows:

Montreal is banning the acquisition of "Pitbull type dogs."
Owners who currently own Pits in the city of Montreal will be allowed to keep their dogs, however there would be a lot of harsh restrictions - restrictions such as having to muzzle your dog while out in public, criminal background checks, special permits, having to walk your dog on a short leash at all times, and many more rules. And the city had warned, if the rules are broken, it could result in your dog being euthanized.

HOWEVER... with the help of animal advocates, and worldwide petitions, this past Wednesday, Quebec Superior Court judge suspended the new law pending a court ruling on a legal challenge.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre claims that he will not back down from the law, so that means... the fight will continue. I will keep you all updated on the bylaw as it continues to unfold.

Help us fight the fight! If you see a petition going around social media to help the Pitbull's of Montreal - please take a moment to sign it.

What are your views on this new bylaw?
Share with us in the comments!

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Siberian Happiness

Siberian Huskies have these never fail - trademark husky grins. They love to smile, and are one of the most playful, fun loving breeds out there. I can't even count how many photos I have of my huskies smiling and/or having fun with my kids. Today for The Pet Parade and Flashback Friday, i'd like to share some of those photos which I found from the last couple years.

This is my girl Mika, and my daughter. While Mika came from a home without children, it din't take her long to make friends with the kids.

While this photo definitely created a perfect picture sort of deal... the bit that I love most about it, is Koda and my oldest daughter going nose to nose.

My boy Koda (as most of you know) is a huge mama's boy. Any chance he has to come snuggle up with me, he is right there.

I made this graphic a while back, but just look at that husky grin! She is one happy girl.

Last but certainly not least... Koda - this boy has the most goofiest smile I have ever seen in a husky, and I love it. I mean... look at that face!

How about you?
Do your dogs smile? Is it as goofy as my boy?

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