Monday, 20 March 2017

Winter Memories

Spring is here! Some may be thrilled..... not so much my huskies. They do enjoy the warm weather, but for them, there is nothing better than playing in that majestic white snow!
Today i'll keep it short and sweet. We wanted to parade some of our fun husky snow photos while keeping in line with Flashback Friday as well. So I hope you enjoy some of our past memories in the snow!

There you have it! Some fun snow memories as we welcome in the warm spring weather!
Thanks for coming by!

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Sitting In Vaio Heaven

Hiya everyone and happy weekend!!!

A couple days ago I got some fan-tabulous news! I'm not sure many of you knew, but a few months ago my entire laptop crashed. The same laptop that I blogged with every day, the same laptop that held every single one of my photos, my files, everything. And I mean everything! I was stuck with a tablet that refused to load half of what I was trying to do. Talk about frustrating. UGH! I thought I had lost everything for good. And see... I am one of those people who never thought that would happen, and didn't bother backing up my files, or my photos. That was a mistake... I was crushed.

However - I found my hero! The guys at Apollo Computers here in my town saved the day. It took them a bit, but they were finally able to recover my files, replace my hard-drive, and voila! Mama's got her Vaio back! ;)

Now if I can just convince Lexus to get her paws off of it!
I think she's trying to tell me something.... probably saying hey mom, if u don't get back to blogging now that you have your laptop back, i'll do it for you!!!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sofa Wars - Husky VS Cat

The struggle is real...

If you live in a multiple pet house, you can probably relate to today's post.
I wanted to relive an older post today for you guys as part of our Flashback Friday and Pet Parade blog hops. This post was so much fun to put together, and capturing the images I will be sharing was twice as fun! You'll see why in a moment, and let me tell you... the struggle is real.

As most of you know, I have 3 cats and 3 huskies. All of which enjoy snoozing on our sofa. And while they do share the space, and always end up snuggling together, I thought it would be fun to create sort of a funny scenario/ short story out of the photos I had.

It was a dark and cozy evening...

Lexus had been sleeping comfortably, when suddenly she was rudely awakened.

She found herself surrounded by cat paws gripping onto her furry face. She quickly looked over at me with a mixture of disbelief and shock in her ice blue eyes.
She wasn't sire what to do next. Should she get off the sofa? Should she attempt to move the cat? Or should she give in to temptation and get cozy with Winter the cat by her side?

Giving me one last look of confusion, she decided that Winter looked much too adorable, and cozy to move him. So she gave in, and fell fast asleep.

The next night...

Lexus was heading to her spot on the sofa, when she spotted something so outrageous, so shocking, that all she could do for a moment, was stand and stare.

She realized that because of her lenience with Winter on the sofa the night before, there were now TWO cats in HER spot, on HER blanket! She was stunned.

She looked at me once again with disbelief in her ice blue eyes and wondered why on earth I would be letting this happen. She had no choice but to do some quick thinking. So she called on some backup! She needed the assistance of her brother and sister.

Into the living room they came, running with tails held high. Gave a quick "arooooo" and the kittes scattered. They took their spots on the couch, and realized they had won the sofa wars.

Or did they...

 Fiercely glaring back at the huskies who stole the sofa, Winter thought to himself that will indeed have his revenge.

Later that night...

Winter decided to leave a present in the huskies food bowl in return for their thievery.

The End.

OK seriously, how much fun was that? BOL!
As I mentioned above, this story is 100% fictional. All of my fur babies snuggle together on the couch every night together, happily!!

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Husky Couch Cushion Scavengers

Hiya everyone, and happy Friday!

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I had to giggle a bit when I came across an old article of mine the other day on google search. I was anxious to post it as soon as I saw it pop up. A couple years ago, I shared how my husky Koda seems to think he is an ostrich. Yea... so now you're wondering what the heck i';m talking about, right?

Let me show you...

Now you see what I mean?

Koda has this habit of burying his head in between the couch cushions. And even though these photos are from a couple years ago (for Flashback Friday purposes) he still does this almost on a daily basis. While it appears he is impersonating an ostrich, what he is actually doing is scavenging for lost crumbs from the mini humans.

I'm curious, does anyone else have an ostrich impersonating pet?
Let me know in the comments!

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