Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stylish Canine - Product review AND #Giveaway!

Hiya everyone!

Happy Tuesday to you all.
We have the honor of reviewing a few products today which I fell in love with, and am excited to share with you!


Haven't been?
You should definitely head over to check out her products!
Jen does a PAWsome blog and has beautifully handmade dog collars decals, t shirts and more!

When Jen got in touch with me about reviewing her decals through the blog paws site, I was super excited! Then she went a step further and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of her collars as well!

Um . . . heck yea!

But wait, she didn't stop there. She has been gracious enough to let us have a giveaway so you can enjoy some beautiful decals as well!

First things first, lets move on with the review.

This is the decal package she sent me.
A couple for me, and the rest for YOU!

I LOVE the design of her decals. I have seen a lot of other husky decals where they just sort of look to "cartoony" or "goofy" looking. Which is fine if that's what your going for, but these are just stunning, the features of the huskies are spot on, and I am proud to be able to display them.

For the collar. I chose my girl Lexus. Hers was getting a bit worn.
For her design, I chose the pink skull and crossbones martingale.

 As you can see, Lexus loves her new collar!
It looks great on her, and fits her PAWfectly!
Great design, and I was also impressed at how durable it feels.

Images from stylishcanine.com
There are several designs to choose from.
Girly designs to sports logo designs, and even some flames and fruits!

These are just a few of the beautiful collars she has to offer.

You can choose to have a standard buckle collar or a martingale as I chose for Lexus.

I don't know about you guys, but my huskies do not make an easy task of photographing them! As soon as Mika sees the camera come out, she puts her head down and goes to lay in the corner. Koda isn't to bad, but he likes to try and jump on me when I am taking his photo, but Lexus is my little model!
She LOVES the attention of being photographed! She will get herself into whatever pose I ask her to.

While taking my photos of her stylin new collar from stylishcanine.com, she posed beautifully, allowing me to get every angle that I needed.
She looks to the right, to the left and straight in the front.
That's my girl!

SO, now that you have seen the decals,
how would you like to win some of your own?
Of course you do, who wouldn't?!

In this giveaway there will be not one, not two, but THREE winners!
AND it is open WORLDWIDE!
Winners who do not respond within 48 hours will be scratched off the list and we will move on to the next person, so make sure I have your email address, or keep checking back to find out who won.

First prize package includes : one (5x4.5) Siberian Husky decal and one medium size tennis ball decal

Put these on your vehicle, laptop or anywhere you desire!

Second prize includes :

One (5x5) play bow dog decal and a medium sized of the same design but in black.

Third prize includes :

One (5x5) play bow dog design decal.

Remember this is a worldwide giveaway, so anyone can enter, and you can come back daily to receive more points!

- To enter the giveaway see the rafflecopter widget below!
- Please make sure and tell me in your comments which decal package you would like to win.
- Winners with the most points get to choose from the three packages.

SO what did the sibes think of stylishcanine.com?

Thank you Jen for making Lexus a "stylish canine!"

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks everyone! Have a PAWsome day!

*We received the products seen in this post in exchange for our honest review. We have not been compensated in any other ways and our opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Great review and love that dog collar!

  2. Love the collar,very cute,xx Rachel

  3. Great stuff, and cool giveaway! If we won we would love the two playbow decals. I love the collars too, going to head over to her site to see what else she has!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Thank you!!! She has SUCH a wide selection! You will enjoy yourself over on her site for sure! I have you down for the two play bows, and will let you know if you are one of the lucky winners! Thanks so much Jan!

  4. Lexus looks stunning! I adore the photos - they sure are hard to get sometimes, aren't they! Tig always looks away from the camera, so camera shy :)

    Thanks so, so much for checking out our stuff. Over the moon that you like it and how lovely Lexus looks in her new collar!

    1. So gad you liked our review! Thank you for coming by to check it out!
      She does look super lovely!!! I am glad you liked our photos as well, as I said she is our little model! So she was PAWfect for this post!
      Have a great day!

  5. As always you find some great stuff Jenna!

    1. Thank guys! Make sure you enter the giveaway!

  6. We met her at the conference and her dog had on a marvelous jacket!

    1. Nice! She's super nice! Her products are great too!!

    2. I want to win the #3 prize! WooHoo!

    3. Twitter won't work. It says they are working on it so I'll do it tomorrow! : (

    4. Hmmm weird!! Thanks for trying!

  7. We would be happy with any of the prizes (we love dogs but aren't dog owners). Great giveaway - sharing!
    ~Cool Mom for
    The Stanley & Katrina Gang

    1. Hey that's ok! There are no rules saying you have to be a dog owner, as long as your a lover, that's fine by me! Good luck to you!

  8. Great review and the husky decal really looks good. The collar is great too! I would do pkg 2 or 3. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! And thanks so much for entering! Have a great day JoAnn!

  9. Lexus really is such a beautiful model, and she's so good at it! My little Phoebe is also a camera monger, but Isis is elusive. She hates the camera and the flash, she always squints hiding her baby blues! I love that collar, I would have chosen that one too! I like the playbow decal so I'll enter the contest and choose that one.

    1. LOL my husky friend wants the play bow decal......gotcha! Haha!
      No problem! And I wish you good luck!

  10. What a great post -

    I do hope the models were well khompensated!

    Thanks fur telling us about her great produkhts!


    1. They were they were! No worries there! Lots of yummy treats for pretty poses!
      Your very welcome and thanks for comin by and entering!


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