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Part 2 - Husky fun at Bedrock kennels

Hiya everyone!

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Here's whats on my huskies mind for Thoughtless Thursday :

BOL! I had fun making that! haha!
Actually, I have a great post for today.
Most of you remember my post from Tuesday : Part 1 Husky fun at Bedrock Kennels.
If not, you should check it out before reading on. Click the link above.

Now, where were we?
Ah yes, we left off with the end of the scavenger hunt!
After the hunt, the huskies needed a bit of a break from the sun, so we took them for some water, shade and a quick chillax session, before we moved on to the . . . . .

We headed into the gates of the water area, and the second I took off Mika's leash, she RAN full tilt right to the water, and jumped right in!

 As you can see, Mika LOVES the water! She always has! Lexus on the other hand . . . not so much, but we will get to that soon enough!

I love this next shot! I took it right at the point of mid shake!

Once Mika got out of the water, she instantly started to make furiends.
It's funny, because when she is on the leash, she has a much harder time making furiends, but set her free, and she is a real social butterfly!

 Now that she had a good long cool down in the water, it was time to show off her husky speed with some world famous Siberific zoomies!
 Full tilt!

Where was Lexus during all of this?
Lexus isn't as social as Mika, she prefers her leash, rather then running around with a bunch of strange dogs. But that didn't stop her from making some furiends of her own!

 This next photo (below) shows my Lexus giving her very best husky puppy eyes to a human!
It worked!

Remember how I was saying that Lexus prefers to stay out of the water, whereas Mika loves it?
WELL . . . . my theory about that was, Lexus has never made herself get into the water to see if she would enjoy having a swim. SO, as I was trying to coax her towards the water and talk her into having a swim, a lovely couple beside me had said, "there have been a few people here that have had to do the ol' heave hoe with their dogs to get them in and give the water a chance."

Hmmm.....do I dare?
I 'may have' ended up giving Lexus a little "extra encouragement" into the water.
ok I did! I didn't throw her in or anything like that of course, but I got her in nonetheless!

Needless to say, she wasn't entirely happy, she splashed around as she climbed out and gave me quite the look! I felt bad and instantly went over and began apologizing through all my laughter.

After we spent a while at the water park, it was time to give the huskies another water/rest break.
On our way out of the water area, we spotted a costume booth!
AH come on, I had to!

 Lexus was a cowgirl.

Mika was an elephant!
Us humans started to get a bit hungry, so we stopped at the hot dog stand.
Sort of ironic that they put a hot 'DOG' stand at the dog event! Ha!

Mika stood in line as if she was waiting for her turn to order!

Poor Lexus looked up at me as if to say, "listen human, you got me wet, the least you could do is give me a hot dog!"

Of course, I caved, and gave them each a couple small pieces.
I turned around to find a dog all muzzled up while their owner was doing a MAJOR serious job at keeping their dog away from others, so I asked if they mind that I give their pup a small piece of my hot dog. They said sure, so as I bent over to give the dog a piece, sly Lexus jumped up and snatched my hot dog right out of my hand!

I suppose I deserved that one, huh Lexi?

It was almost time to go home, so we thought we should bring the huskies back to the water park for one last romp.

 Mika's first stop . . . the water!
Mika made furiends with the shepherd in the photo below. They kept hooking up the whole time they were playing in the water!

Lexus running around, getting the best out of the last hour of the day! (below)

Then it was off to the rinse station, where the dedicated people of Bedrock Kennels rinsed all the mud off of the pups before they had to get into our vehicles.

As I stood in the rinse station, I happened to glance down at my own legs . . .

Hmmm . . .  mama needs a rinse off too!

This next photo, I took just to give you an idea of the amount of people who showed up for this fundraising event!

This was just a small section of the people! I was impressed with how many people came to have fun, and donate to our local shelters!

To end our weekend fun, we stopped at the agility course for a quick photo.

Of course Lexus wanted no part of it, but Mika loved doing the obstacles!

We had a BLAST at Bedrock, and can't wait until their next event!
This last photo is of my huskies, myself, and my daughter.

I hope you all enjoyed sharing our weekend fun with us!

See you tomorrow for the Pet Parade!

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  1. that looks a lovely day out for you and the pups,xx Rachel

    1. It sure was! Thanks Rachel and Speedy!

  2. What an adventure. You guy sure looks to have a funny day :-)

    1. Thanks Laika and Vaks, we had a great day!

  3. What a fun time and water to play in and swim plus friends to meet and greet, pawsome. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Yeppers! Super fun!
      The huskies met so many new dog and human furiends!
      Thanks for comin by Mollie :)

  4. Wow, that looks like a great time and fun splashing around! I wish I liked to splash but water makes me squeeeealll!

    1. BOL!!! Yea, I don't know that I have ever heard of a mini piggie like yourself, having a swim!!!!

  5. What a great event. Sadly, not fans of water here. Still certain we are going to melt. Knew we shouldn't have watched the Wizard of Oz.

    1. Hahahahahaha~!!!!!! That darn movie just ruined everything, huh Bailey!!!!!

  6. Love the pictures of Mika swimming. Neeko and Faolan both LOVE to swim!

    1. Thanks Rebekah! It's funny how some dogs have it, and some just don't!
      Mika loves the water, Lexus does not, Koda is just a year old and has never been. This is his first summer with us, so I will be sure to get down to the river and give it a go with him.

  7. Oh, what a great time they had! I can't believe you threw Lexus in though (kidding)! I'm sure the hot dog made up for that. :) Sheba would have been in heaven with all that water.
    I'm glad to see that it was a successful event for the shelters, and that you all had so much fun.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. hahahahaha!!!!! Oh yea, rub it in!!! BOLOL!!!! The funny thing is, Lexus is not a food thief! So I know she did it for a little touch of revenge!!!!
      We had a great time! It was the first time I have ever actually been to an event like this with the dogs, and it turned out great! Thanks Jan :)

  8. That looks like so much fun! So glad it was so successful!

    Visit us at Dogs N Pawz!

  9. Mika, what are you doing IN the water!!?!?!?!? Wooooooowooooooooo! Ku

    1. BOL,!!! Mika is a Siberian Husk-fish! She loves it!!

  10. You were right, picture overload. Your page loaded so slowly we only saw the last one of you with the dogs. Like that one. :)

    1. Oh no!!!! That's not good!! It loads fine on my computer and tablet, so I didn't think it was an issue! Sorry Jan! You missed some great photos!

  11. Glad you gave the warning, that sure was a lot of photos!! LOL Delilah loves the water too, Sampson not so much.

    I feel bad for those dogs whose owners thought it was okay to toss them in the water. That is not a good way to help dogs conquer fear. I hope the dogs aren't too badly traumatized from it.

    1. BOL! Yep, major photo overload today for sure! We took a lot of photos!
      I'm not sure id the other owners actually threw their dogs in or not, I didn't see any of it. But I know when I sort of coaxed Lexus's way to the water, she got out, gave me a look, and continued to play. I would never actually "throw" her in the water. But I felt that she might realize that there is nothing to be afraid of if I brought her into the water.

  12. Hey, you have a sale! I like the bracelet. I do a bit of jewelry stringing myself. Being the retired art teacher that I am, it just sort of goes. I also believe in supporting my local artists. I have one of Sue Kotwitz's bracelets and one of yours-I'm set! And you know, we have six dogs, three who are not Poodles (black lab, Mountain Feist, and Pitt Mix). Take care and thanks for co-hosting this hop. Thursday and Tuesday (Tuesday's Tails) are the only things we do-Terri and the Pack

    1. AND I just found you on Google+-Follow me back if you figure out who I am. Terri (Teresa)

    2. Woohooo!!!! Thanks so much for your sale! That's great and i'm so glad you liked it! The poodle bracelet was one of my favs! I know you'll love it! You are my very first sale!!! I truly appreciate you coming by for support, and purchasing an item is definitely an added bonus! So thank you!
      I have followed you back on google+ thanks for finding us over there!

  13. sure looks like tons of muddy fun! Which is of course the best kind'
    retro rover

  14. That looks like you all had a fantastic time. Bentley has never been swimming since we don't have any place around here that dogs are allowed to swim. Bah humbug to my dog unfriendly city! haha! Of course, Bentley would need a life jacket so he doesn't sink! You took some great shots!

    1. Thanks Melissa! That is just no fair! poor Bentley! You should definitely take him somewhere for a swim one day! I bet he would love it. You might wanna tie up his ears though! hehehe!

  15. That water park looks pawsome! I need to find someplace to take my two and see if they would swim. They love to wade in the water, but we've never been to deep enough swimming water!

    1. It was so much fun!! Only one out of three of my huskies seem to like the water, but the two that don't like it, haven't been exposed to it as much as Mika, so hopefully over the next few years they will get used to it and take a swim with us!

  16. What a wonderful idea for a fundraising event!! Looks like the huskies had a blast!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    1. They sure did! It was an amazing event! We all had so much fun!

  17. Great pictures and so much fun! Have a great day.

  18. Wow, you guys had quite the day! I'll bet the dogs (and you) slept for 14 hours after that. It looks like SO much fun at the water park. I love that Lexus swiped your hot dog - yeah, you deserved that one! Glad you had such a wonderful time and supported a good cause!
    Cathy Armato

    1. BOL!!!! Well gee thanks for taking the dogs side! Hahahahaha most people do! I don't blame you, I did deserve it!! And she is never a food stealer so I know that was revenge!
      We definitely slept well that night!!! Better then I have slept in a long long time!!!
      Thanks for your comment!


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