Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Proud to have PrideBites - Day #2 SALE!

Today marks Day #2 of our 12 Days Of Christmas Sale at Pawz N Clawz!

Open the present to take you to today's deal!

We are happy to be showing our pride in some of our FAV dog toys.
Proud to have PrideBites!

PrideBites are the most adorable toys, and they have such a wide selection!
Everything from themed squeaky toys, custom toys, dog clothing all the way to comfy dog beds and blankets!

We received the Martini, and the Paws Lite Bottle toy. These toys are put through extensive testing to ensure durability, and PrideBites is always thinking of  their customer. You can go in to their site, and design your own item! Put your dogs face on one of the toys or even have your pups name put on one of their beds! The possibilities for creations are endless.

Another feature I love is that they are easy to clean, and my huskies are not very nice with their toys, so that was an added bonus!

Nom Noms!

Lexus especially loved the martini toy.
We were so pleased with our PrideBites, that I am adding them to this years gift guide, which by the way, I am doing in the form of a magazine very soon!

Want one of your own PrideBites?
The sibe tribe has a super special coupon code just for you!

Use code - "Husky Crazed" and get 20% off ANY item at PrideBites!


  1. LOL those are way cool. Cocktails anyone???? Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We have a pig, pizza, fish, and a squirrel. The squirrel has had his feet chewed off, but the others are still alive. Bailie likes them best in the summer when she can toss them in her pool and then run around the yard shaking them when they are full of water.

    1. That does sound like fun!!! We will definitely have to try that this summer!!

  3. We haven't tried the Pridebites toys yet, but they are definitely on my list. They look like lots of fun!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  4. We LOVE our PrideBites! We have the squirrel and the pig, but Bentley is getting a customized dog disc for his birthday tomorrow. It looks so awesome!

  5. That was a great review for Pridebites.

  6. Those are really cute toys! They should make cat ones filled with nip!

  7. Those are super cool. The design your own toy feature is really neat.

  8. Great gift idea! Those are really fun. You can never have enough toys :)

    1. Nope! There more the merrier!!!! That's for sure!!!

  9. hahaha before I saw this post I just ordered 2 custom toys and then got the martini glass for free. Great post!

    1. Nice!!!! I love the martini glass! it is my fav one!!!


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