Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"Rise and Grind" #Bowzerbox

"Let the dogs get up in Italy. Let the dogs get up in Spain. Let them get up in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. Let the dogs get up in London, and in Paris and Berlin. Let them get up all they want to. But not me. I'm sleeping in."
-Dr. Seuss

This quote from Dr. Seuss was on our theme card introduction to Bowzer Box this month.

What is Bowzer Box you may be wondering?
Allow me to introduce the Canadian Pet subscription box, full of goodies for your dogs!

What is your morning routine?
I wake up and go straight for my coffee pot, then it's time to take the huskies out for a bathroom break, and get my oldest daughter up and ready for school.

Everyone has their own morning routine, and Bowzer has a box full of morning goodness for January's theme.

Contents :

  • Ethical Pet - Canvas newspaper $12.00 
  • Snicky snacks - Blueberry crunch bar $4.00
  • The Honest Kitchen - Pro Bloom goats milk $2.00
  • Whimzees - Dental Chew $5.00
  • Tuckers - chicken and bacon strip $3.00
  • Exclusively Pet - Smoochers yogurt drops $10.00
For a total value of $36.00

The toy this month is super cute!
It has 3 things going for it.

1) It makes a crinkle sound when they play (which dogs LOVE!)
2) It has a squeaker in it
3) It has adorable articles on it, such as a kitty behind bars, and info on fleas!

Lexus loved the Tuckers chicken and bacon strip.
I love natural products like this which have readable ingredients and 100% human grade raw materials.

Mika's fav was the Whimzees dental chew.
She loves to keep her teeth nice and pearly white!

As you can see from Koda already licking his lips, a fan fav this month was the Smoochers yogurt drops. My huskies love anything to do with yogurt, and these banana, strawberry drops were no exception!

They all liked the Pro Bloom goats milk as well.
Heck even the kitty wanted in on some of the action!

You like to start your morning out right, let your dog have theirs too!

If your interested in checking out Bowzer Box for yourself, click on the image below to take you directly to their site!

The Sibe Tribe gives Bowzer 12 big furry paws UP!
That's all for today, see you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday


  1. So many boxes, so little time! We love the name of this one. Looks like lots of fun stuff for you all.

    1. I know! My huskies just love Bowzer Box and this morning theme one was super cool!

  2. hahaha love the morning newspaper picture! What a great box.

    1. Thanks!!!
      Yep, this month was definitely another paw-some Bowzer Box!

  3. Oh, what a SUPER box! The Honest Kitchen goat's milk is yummy and I love Whimzees dental treats (the alligator shapes are my favorite...for obvious reasons...BOL).
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. hahaha! yes obvious reasons! We have had those ones too but the toothbrush one went paw-fectly with the morning theme this month!!

  4. I really want that newspaper toy for Bain, ha. Very neat Bowzer Box this month!

  5. That looks like another fantastic box of goodies! I don't function without at least two cups of coffee in the morning. I hope your gang shares all of the goodies! ☺

    1. Oh i know exactly what you mean!
      Yes, they share to the best that I can with one Bowzer Box, I always split what I can in 3, and the things that I can't I always give a different one of my own treats too.

  6. Great box this month and enjoy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Even got the kitty's seal of approval? Must be some excellent stuff, for sure!


  8. Oh my! That box looks wonderful. One of these days I know mom will get me one!

    1. You definitely should! I highly recommend Bowzer Box!

  9. What a fun theme, and a great collection of goodies!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks Misaki! My huskies seemed to think so too!

  11. That looks like a good box. I am always iffy on the toys, but Ethical Pets has some good ones.

    1. Yes they do! Actually, I have been quite pleased with the toys so far from Bowzer Box. I especially love their "Bowzers own."

  12. That sounds like a very tempting selection!

  13. I just love that photo of Lex wearing glasses w/ her am paper! Super cute! Lots of goodies to share this month, lucky doggies.
    Love & biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

    1. haha! Thanks! She has her morning routine all planned out, thanks to Bowzer Box!!!


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