Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can pets have pet peeves?

Hiya everyone!
Hopefully your all settled after Superbowl weekend?
Did your team win?

I was thinking the other day how funny it is that my huskies pet peeves are NOT hard to pick out.
It got me to thinking if a dog (or cat) can actually have a "pet peeve" or if there are just certain things that bother them at certain points. There is a difference. No really! There is!

What I have found, is that yes! Pets can absolutely have their own pet peeves.
A pet peeve is different from something that simply bothers someone, or some-pet.
A pet peeve is something that just absolutely irks you, something that someone or something does that you just CAN'T stand! 

I have my own huge little list of pet peeves. My biggest one being....
wait for it...
people chewing food.

Yep! Drives me crazy! I hate loud chewers, it absolutely disgusts me.
Whenever my family sits down to eat, I always have either music on, or the TV in the background. 

Mika's biggest pet peeve is when Lexus lays next to her, then begins to push her paw up against her while she is sleeping. You can plainly see what I mean in the above photo. 
Lexus does this to Mika quite often!! Poor thing hates it!
Mika will do a low rumbling growl at Lexus, but this just makes her do it more, until Mika finally decides to just get up and go somewhere else.

In the photo to the left, you see my girl Lexus.
She is standing in that oh so familiar position at the 
baby gate. Why? Because she is the only one out of 
my 3 huskies that has not taught herself to jump the 
gate yet. The gate separates our kitchen from the living
room. She is perfectly capable of jumping it, I have seen 
her jump WAY higher than this! But for some
reason, she just thinks she can't do it.

Finally, we have our boy Koda. 
Koda absolutely HATES when I touch in between his toes.
Me, being the person that I am, ALWAYS poke my fingers in between his toes.
He starts howling at me, and then gets extremely hyper, which creates a little game out of the whole thing each time that I touch those toes. It's priceless. He's a good sport though. 

How about you and/or your pets?
What pet peeves do you have to share?

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See you tomorrow :)


  1. My biggezt Peeve iz having Gaylord around Bawahwhahhwha xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. LOL at Mollie's comment. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh we sure do have them. For me it is certain sounds Mom makes. I get all worked up about them and she laughs, not nice.

    1. hahaha! SO, your mom is a lot like me then? I LOVVVVVE to poke his toes even though it drives him crazy BOL!

  4. Yes, I have some pet peeves or maybe anxieties. I refuse to go into the garage. I have done this from the time I rescued. Maybe I was abused in a garage? Who knows. And brooms. Brooms or mops terrify me. I used to cower and pee when I saw one, but now I just tuck my tail and go someplace friendly. I guess those are more fears, than peeves aren't they.

    1. Aww poor thing. I can only imagine your life before your beautiful mom rescued you xo

  5. My biggest pet peeve is dogs running loose. Bentley's biggest pet peeve is being woke up. ☺

  6. Replies
    1. Aha!!! Yes I suppose that makes sense doesn't it?!

  7. My biggest peeve is our feral cats are able to run into our barn through the cat flap and I can't. Vaks's biggest peeve is if mom or dad touches his food when they have given it to him. They can touch him as much as they like, but not the food.

    1. BOL! It sucks being bigger sometimes doesn't it Laika?

  8. Cricket hates it when Luke gets in her face when she's sleeping! She scares the heck out of us because she'll let out a big snarly bark when he does it....LOL.
    Luke's is definitely touching his paws, which as you know we're working on! I'm not sure about Sheba, she's pretty easygoing, I'm not sure anything really bothers her.
    Me? I probably have quite a few of them. One is when someone makes a big public sign and they have something misspelled on it. That drives me nuts! I don't expect everyone to have perfect spelling, but if you're making a sign....look it up! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. hahahaha!!! Well said! Yea, public signs and things like that should definitely have correct spelling!!!

  9. I don't like having my paws touched. But will tolerate having my nails clipped as long as the gravy bones are flowing in my direction

  10. Jesse's pet peeve is when she is sleeping and *things* touch her. Like if we place a toy against her leg, or food, or even the laptop charger cord. She leaps up like it bit her, or kicks at it.
    Tikaani's is the brush. HATES being brushed with a passion. Which sucks for everyone as he is half woolie and mats

    1. haha the sleep thing sounds a lot like my Mika!

  11. Haha this was too cute! Mauja and Atka hate it when I touch in between their pads. They pull their feet away and give me a pathetic "how could you" look ;

  12. Of course we have pet peeves! Mine is named Ernie. ~Wally ;)

  13. hahaha I hate loud chewers too! And ones that grunt when they eat! My dogs have pet peeves too. Like the girls don't like it when Gambler lays on them.

    1. Ohhhhhhh don't get me started on the grunting!!!! BOL!!!

  14. Chewing with the mouth open is unforgivable! Our pets have too many peeves for me to list :D

  15. Huskies are good at jumping. Now a Pyr would just push the gate out of the way - that's what I did when they tried using one!

  16. Oh my gosh, I hate loud chewers too! I know it's not their fault, but it drives me crazy. Haley's pet peeve is when people sneeze loudly. She'll get up from a comfortable spot, grumble and leave the room for a little while. I think I have mastered the nearly silent sneeze now, for when she's sitting next to me on the couch, haha! Fun post. :)

  17. Our dogs don't jump our gates either. They could easily but they know they better not...lol.

    1. lol My two will stay on the other side if I tell them to, but my little one, Lexus just cant! It drives her bonkers!!!


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