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Worst advice about Siberian Huskies

Welcome to our Siberian Saturday!
Today, I am going to go into some of the WORST advice I have came across when it comes to huskies.

Being an admin in a Siberian Husky Facebook group, you tend to come across some of the strangest questions, and advice that you could imagine.

Let's go through some random questions that I have came across, and some of the wackiest advice which was given by some people.

Q - My husky puppy bites my hands a lot, what can I do to stop that?
A - Bite him back - show him how it feels
A - grab him by the neck and slam him to the floor to show him who's boss.
A - Slap him on his nose

Q - My husky won't stop peeing on the floor, what do I do?
A - Go over to the spot he peed, and pee over top of it to show him this is your territory. (really?)
A - Rub his nose in his pee, yell at him and throw him in a crate or outside. (cruel much?)

Q - I am going to re-home my husky, I can't handle him anymore, all he wants to do is chew things
A - you are a horrible person for re homing a dog, your lazy and you need to keep trying!

Q - I need some tips on using a head harness for my husky to help with leash pulling
A - That is sheer laziness. Try training your husky instead of taking the easy way out

Q - My husky jumps up a lot, help!
A - When they jump, grab them by the neck and slam them to the floor to show your pack leader.

Q - My husky pulls on the leash, what can I do?
A - Use a shock collar

worst advice for a husky owner

My thoughts on these?

First of all, when people ask for advice, they are seeking help, why not give helpful answers?

  • Grab them by the neck to show your pack leader? HORRIBLE advice!
  • hitting your dog? Never!
  • Sometimes the only option someone has is to re home their dog. Dogs are for life, yes, but sometimes things happen, and it doesn't mean a person is lazy. No one knows the whole story.
  • Pee over top of where your dog pees??? I mean......really? Nuff said.
  • Bite him back...I have heard this before, and although I will admit, I have bit my dogs ear 
(just playing around and DEFINITELY not for punishment or forceful.) It is not an answer to stop your dog from biting you! A dogs ears are super sensitive and you could damage them by doing so, not to mention it's just plain wrong!

**The questions and answers I posted above are very real! 
I come across these on a daily basis. 

Worst Advice people give on the Siberian Husky breed -

  • You must be pack leader, you must make your dog submit to you.
  • Grab your dog by the throat and pin them to the floor to show your leader.
  • Don't listen to people who tell you huskies shouldn't be off leash, they can, people are just too lazy to train them.
  • Never let your husky on your bed or furniture.
  • Do not let your husky feel equal to you and your family. They are dogs not humans.

My thoughts?

Oh my...where do I begin?
There is a big difference between making your dog submit to you, and gaining your dogs respect.
Gaining your dogs respect is the way to go. You must respect your dog in order to get respect back.
I would never EVER grab my dog by the throat and pin them down, I mean really!
And no, Siberian Huskies should NOT be trusted off lead.
You may think they can...you have some great success with it, until one day, that one smell, and that's all it takes for your husky to be 20 miles away before they even realize they are gone.

Positive training is the way to go.
All these things that tell you to force your dog to submit to you is so out dated, I could just go on and on. A dog (or any pet) IS a member of our family! Why make them feel lower than us?
I want my dogs on my bed, and my couch, I like spending time with them, I like the fact the my huskies feel like part of our family, because they are my family! Of course they are our children, and need to know we are parents and have some rules, but they are still very much family!
Together, we are a pack.

Do you consider your dogs family?
Did these questions and answers shock you as much as they did me?

Before you go, I want to give a shout out to Emma and the pups over at My GBGV Life for this paw-some collar I won in her giveaway! It is pink cammo, and the company even sent a little congratulations letter, and a bag of chicken crisp treats for my huskies! Which I think was a fantastic touch! 
Thanks Emma!!!

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  1. Congratulations on the collar! Winning! ☺ Those answers are some of the wackiest I've ever heard. Humans...LOL

  2. LOL and great win on the collar. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Great collar. We do not treat our dogs as equal to people in our house. IMO that is the worst advice someone can give for some dogs. I think this idea has done so much harm and is why so many dogs end up in a shelter. That is not to say that we abuse the dogs either, but at all times they know they are dogs and they must listen to us. It takes a ton of training and you have to be a strong individual to pull it off. Now this is true for our dogs, but other dogs, other breeds it may be different. Of course we are not positive only trainers either.

    1. Interesting, and to each their own of course! I thank you for putting your own opinion here and sharing with us!

  4. Sometimes Facebook is amazingly shocking, but in pet groups it brings one back to the reality that the average person really isn't all that informed about dogs. Of course, some people are just different in their thinking too. I think being bloggers we forget how many dog parents really don't know much about caring for their dogs.

    1. Agreed!! And I just keep on thinking....how do some of these people even have dogs?? I mean, of course everyone has their own way of training and treating their pets, and that's fine, but some of these things are just plain cruel!

  5. The things peeps come up with - sheesh - really stupid!!! We like your attitude and have to admit most of the same happens here, but we still haven't figured out how to convince those humans that we need to be able to sleep in their beds too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. hahaha! Some humans just prefer a bed to themselves, and theres nothing wrong with that at all (except maybe in a dogs eyes)
      but the point of it all is that some people do not allow pets on beds and furniture for fear that their dog will suddenly magically stop listening to them if they do let them up. I mean, whaaaaa?

  6. I guess there is some really bad advice out there. As much as it is ridiculous, the pee on your floor answer is just down right funny. I can see someone training to explain that to their dog trainer, or more than likely, the people who come over to replace the carpet in a month.

    1. hahahahaha!!!!! I know right???!!! I laughed when I read the peeing one!! Who does that? I sure would like to know!

  7. Yes, some of those answers were very shocking! It is very sad that there is still so much misinformation out there, and that many people are still buying into it. You'd at least think someone would realize how stupid it sounds to tell someone to pee over their dogs pee!! Yikes....redneck or what? LOL
    Love the collar you won, very nice!!
    Lots of wags and woofs from Wag n Woof Pets

  8. love the collar you one,some people are just plain dim when it comes to advice,which is why I only give it if I get asked a question directly,xx Rachel

  9. That is absolutely horrible! If i had a dog, I would NEVER do anything like that to show I am boss! Some people are absolutely horrid and should not have any animals if they think that is how to treat them. I would never use a shock collar, either. I do not believe in that method, and I would never ever recommend it, no matter the case.
    Very cool collar you won though.
    ❀Siamese kisses from Mikko and Mom at Happiness is Siamese!

  10. People are unbelievable.....I get asked things like that every time we have our Husky rescue at a show. You just have to be patient and explain. Are my dogs part of the family?? Right now all four of them are sleeping on various couches and beds all over the house.....so yes!!!

    1. So you know ALL too well what I am talking about then? lol! Crazy people!!!!

  11. Sometimes I wonder if people really do these things or if they are trying to be sensationalists? Then I remember we are talking FB. If it's an open group then you can get these really off the wall responses. It saddens me to know that there are those who actually think this way. Negative reactions will only get more negative responses, any animal that is hurt or yelled at is going to have issues. Loving positive training is the only humane (see humans) option.

  12. We think some people give answers like this to be funny or cute or to get a reaction. No one could be serious about slamming a dog's face into the ground or peeing over a spot that the dog already peed. And if they are serious, they need to have their heads examined. ;)

    1. The sad part is, they are serious! At least the ones I have came across.......horrid

  13. Holy cow people! How about with the biting puppy teaching bite inhibition. How about a discussion on crate training.

  14. As sad as it is, some people are just idiots. Grr....

  15. Facebook does seem to draw the crazies :(

  16. Oh wow, some of that advice really upset me - grab your dog by the throat?? How awful, I have to feel sorry for dogs w/ clueless owners like these. You must have to show great restraint when reading those things! I agree w/ you on gaining your dog's respect & on never letting a Husky off leash other than in an enclosed area or place w/ serious boundary, I've read (a lot) about their hard wiring kicking in & they can just go for miles.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

    1. Oh you have no idea the restraint I have to use. Mostly because I admin these groups where people are saying these things and I have to keep it cool. But The comments that are just sheer cruel...those people get instantly removed from my groups!!


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