Saturday, 14 March 2015

It's husky blow out season!

The weekend is here, and that means it's time for Siberian Saturday! If there is one single thing that most people know about huskies - it's that they shed. A lot! But did you know that huskies will tell you when the seasons are changing?

True story! Their bodies know when the season is changing, and it is at this time when they go through what is called a blow out.

What is a blow out?

Siberian Huskies have a thick double coat. The undercoat is soft, warm and fluffy, while the top coat is more coarse - useful for keeping the rain and snow from soaking to their skin, protects them from getting a sun burn, and probably the coolest and most unique part about husky - their double coat works as a cooling system in the summer as well as keeping them warm in the winter.

In the Siberian Husky language, the term "Blow out" refers to twice a year when a sibe sheds out their entire undercoat. This may sound funny, but the reason they do this is because new fur is growing due to the changing season (usually spring and fall) so they are basically making room for the fresh fur!

As you can see, in the above photo, my huskies are letting me know that spring is definitely nearing.
During a blow out, a Siberian Husky's fur will literally fall out in clumps.

Grooming a husky is always super important as their coats tend to be high maintenance - however during a blow out, you have to pay extra attention, and groom daily, not only to help save your house from turning into a old western movie (fur filled tumbleweeds blowing across the floor) but to help your dog get that undercoat out for their new fur to grow.

There are several different grooming tools you can use -
The main tools I use in my grooming arsenal include the Furminator, and a Shedding blade.

There are far too many people out there who believe a Siberian Husky only sheds twice a year - during blow out - however this is just not true. A husky sheds year round, (a tolerable amount) not just twice a year, even though blow out is by far the worst.
I have seen so many husky owners saying "help, my husky is shedding everywhere, what can I do?"

  • Learn to live with it! 
  • Tell people the husky fur all over your clothes a fashion statement
  • stop wearing black
  • bring a change of clothes with you everywhere
  • Never leave home without a lint brush
  • and lots of vacuuming!!
*Note - grooming your dog is the perfect opportunity to keep a check on their health. Always pay close attention, making sure you don't come across any lumps, bumps, or anything irregular. Knowing your dogs body is super important for their health.

That's it from the sibe tribe today, happy grooming!
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  1. I bet they particularly love being brushed during "blow out" time............cats lose a lot of their "underfur" after winter is over with - Sam appreciates being brushed more NOW than during any other time of the year to get rid of that heavy fur. Another sign that SPRING is springing!!


  2. Noooo that means she have me off to the fur stealers. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We have Kuvasz blowout around here. Plenty of extra white fur if anyone needs some.

  4. I had no idea it worked as a cooling system. I always learn something new here.

    1. I'm glad you learn something when your here. My passion is to educate people as mch as I can about huskies. I have been fascinated with them for so long, such a unique breed

  5. OH yes, the Momster is honing her "plucking" addiction now too - fur flying everywhere. Nice to do it outside and then the birdies gather our furs for their nests.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Oh yes! I always do it outside! My god, if I did it inside I would definitely like I was living in an old western movie with fur tumbleweeds blowing!!!!

  6. Sheba usually starts losing her undercoat around this time too....I'll start to see tufts of fur of a different color sticking out and know it's time. I haven't seen it yet this spring though. Good thing....I prefer to take her out on the deck to brush her and it's still too cold for that yet! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. haha! Yea, actually I think my huskies have started a wee bit early this year. There is still plenty of snow, and it's still cold, but a husky knows! Maybe spring is coming sooner than I thought

    2. I hope your dogs are right!! :)

  7. Have you ever tried a "T" rake (https://www.ryanspet.com/PS808)? Those work really good on husky hair. Also force dryers are amazing tools! They are a little pricey but extremely worth it! You can blow the hair out dry or wet! I always enjoyed blowing huskies out when I was grooming. Watching all that fur come out was fun!

    1. Yes I use a rake and just love them!!! I haven't tried the force dryer though. I do it all manually. It would probably make things much easier though hahaha!!!

  8. Mine are blowing coat too, Glory is bald. Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh yes...I remember this time very well! The girls' big brother, Zippo, was a Newf/Lab mix and he had SUCH a double coat!! He would blow his coat big time!! I cannot tell you how many vacuum cleaners I went through with him! We loved every single minute of it though...I miss his beautiful coat! Happy Sunday!

  10. I feel like Phod loses his coat all the time!

  11. I am currently leaving large clumps of black fur everywhere I go. I hate being brushed, but I have no choice in the matter. Mom says I look more handsome after she is done and she gives me a treat, so I guess I will let her brush me!

  12. I love being brushed when I'm blowing my undercoat - it feels so nice to get rid of it!

  13. Our dogs blow coat two times a year too. We normally just swim them to get rid of it all. Of course if they start blowing coat when the water is frozen then we have t resort to a brush...lol.

    1. haha! No doubt!
      Swimming doesn't quite cut it with huskies though, I wish!!! With them, their entire undercoat has to come out which usually takes a few weeks to do, and TONS of fur later!

  14. I think you should have a clipper, will make your job more easier
    Here is the list


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