Monday, 20 April 2015

"Phantom Dog" Rescued From A Hot Dog Stand

 How would any human be able to catch a "Phantom Dog?" A dog who is there and gone in a flash. A dog who only shows himself when he wants himself to be shown?
Sounds impossible right? Not for seasoned rescuer Ed Kostro. I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but last year, I posted a rescue story about a dog who was dubbed with the name Highway. Shortly afterwards I got in contact with the man who rescued Highway, and he agreed to do an interview on my blog, you can see that here. 
Ed Kostro has done numerous amazing miracle rescues, but this one proved a challenge.

dogs rescue

Meet the "Phantom Dog."
Ed and his rescue partner, Katie heard reports of a dog at a hot dog stand.
The owner of the hot dog stand took pity on the Phantom dog, as he explained it "the dog looked hungry, very hungry." He began feeding her, and in doing so, the dog returned to that same parking lot every day for a hand out. Ed and Katie started taking shifts in the lot, to try and rescue her.
The two of them spent hours in that parking lot, never once spotting the dog, however always one hour after they left, they would get a call saying the dog just showed up.
Ed began to wonder if they were chasing a ghost dog.

Ed was discouraged, but is not a quitter. One morning, he decided to go out super early, with some food and a trap. He set it all up and played the waiting game.
Phantom dog came, sniffed the food, and finally Ed had her in the safety of the cage.
When she appeared, he described her as freezing in the bitter cold and hungrily sniffing the food he left.

dog rescue

Ed felt fantastic on his way home with the dog, knowing he had saved her, and couldn't wait to get better acquainted with her.

Where is Phantom dog now?

Ed named her Maxine, and she is now with a Border Collie rescue, on her way to a better life.
You can read her full rescue story here. 

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Today's letter in the #atozchallenge is Q.
Q is for question., because I have a question for all of you!
If you saw a stray dog wandering the streets, what is the first thing you would do?


  1. Lovely rescue story...........Maggie will never have to bed for hot dogs again!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Smart dogs are tough to catch. Great story and good she will have a home now.

  3. That is a wonderful story. Good for Ed.

  4. Great rescue story! Now it is time for the second part of the story, working with Maxine to help her find the perfect home for her. Look forward to the updates.

    1. Yes, I will do my best to keep things updated!!!

  5. That is a wonderful rescue story! I am so glad she is safe and I hope she finds a forever home soon!
    Happy Monday, Snow Dog Crew!

  6. It's wonderful that people are actively helping these homeless dogs.

  7. How wonderful! How absolutely wonderful that this great guy rescued Maxine.


  8. I usually stop, see if they have tags and usually end up bringing them home until I find the owner.

  9. Rescuers do such a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing this story of another champion!

  10. Paws up for Ed...for being so persistent! And we hope Maxine finds a home real soon.

  11. What a great story, way to go Ed.

  12. What a great story! We hope that Maxine ends up in a happy home soon, and at least she is safe, warm, and well fed now!
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

    1. Yes!! I will do my best to update her story for everyone as well!


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