Saturday, 11 March 2017

Sitting In Vaio Heaven

Hiya everyone and happy weekend!!!

A couple days ago I got some fan-tabulous news! I'm not sure many of you knew, but a few months ago my entire laptop crashed. The same laptop that I blogged with every day, the same laptop that held every single one of my photos, my files, everything. And I mean everything! I was stuck with a tablet that refused to load half of what I was trying to do. Talk about frustrating. UGH! I thought I had lost everything for good. And see... I am one of those people who never thought that would happen, and didn't bother backing up my files, or my photos. That was a mistake... I was crushed.

However - I found my hero! The guys at Apollo Computers here in my town saved the day. It took them a bit, but they were finally able to recover my files, replace my hard-drive, and voila! Mama's got her Vaio back! ;)

Now if I can just convince Lexus to get her paws off of it!
I think she's trying to tell me something.... probably saying hey mom, if u don't get back to blogging now that you have your laptop back, i'll do it for you!!!

We are co hosting the Pet Parade blog hop!
With - Bionic Basil, and Barking From The Bayou
Your host - Rascal And Rocco


  1. Oh no! That's such a nightmare. So glad they were able to get your files back! Whew!

  2. I'm glad that you are back on board! LOL!

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